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City Transport Team Vehicle Set-399-460D

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3.000 KD

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Embark on a thrilling journey with the City Transport Team Vehicle Set — a dynamic play ensemble equipped with pull-back motors, flexible joints, and a focus on hands-on ability. This engaging toy set brings the excitement of city transport to life, encouraging interactive play and skill development. \n

Pull-Back Motor Action:

\nExperience the thrill of pull-back motor action with each vehicle in the City Transport Team set. Simply pull back the vehicles, release them, and watch as they zoom forward with speed. This feature adds an element of excitement and encourages children to explore the principles of motion and energy. \n

Flexible Joints for Dynamic Play:

\nEngage in dynamic play with vehicles featuring flexible joints. The City Transport Team set allows for versatile movements and positioning, enabling children to create unique scenarios and explore the possibilities of each vehicle's articulation. This flexibility enhances the overall play experience. \n

Hands-On Ability Development:

\nFoster hands-on ability development through interactive play. The City Transport Team Vehicle Set is designed to enhance fine motor skills as children engage with the pull-back mechanism and manipulate the vehicles with their hands. This tactile exploration contributes to the development of essential motor abilities. \n

Immersive City Transport Adventures:

\nEmbark on immersive city transport adventures with the City Transport Team. Whether it's organizing a bustling city traffic scenario or creating imaginative transportation narratives, this vehicle set provides a platform for hands-on, imaginative play that captivates young minds. \n \nEmbark on a journey of excitement and skill development with the City Transport Team Vehicle Set — where pull-back motors, flexible joints, and hands-on ability converge for an engaging and dynamic playtime experience.

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