Divider 1To10 Without Number Colour-Filiing Accessories-Other-Star Light Kuwait

Divider 1To10 Without Number Colour

Vendor: OEM China
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Product Type: Filiing Accessories
0.280 KD
0.280 KD

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Introducing the Divider Set without Numbers, featuring ten dividers in assorted colors. This versatile set offers a vibrant solution for organizing your documents and files without the need for numbered labels.

Enhance your organization system with the Divider Set without Numbers. Crafted for practicality and efficiency, each divider provides a distinct color for easy categorization of your materials, ensuring quick access to the information you need.

Streamline your workspace with the Divider Set without Numbers. Whether used in binders, folders, or file cabinets, these dividers offer a flexible solution for organizing your documents, helping you maintain order and productivity in your environment

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