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Fox Face Off Road Rock Climber-Sh091-502B

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5.500 KD

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Conquer Any Terrain with the Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber

\nEmbark on off-road adventures like never before with the Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber — a powerful 4-channel control car designed to dominate any terrain. Packed with cutting-edge features, this RC rock climber is equipped with RC radio control, dual motors, an impressive 1:16 scale, 4x4 wheel drive capability, operates on the 27 MHz frequency, and boasts a USB rechargeable battery for endless hours of thrilling play. \n

4-Channel Control Precision:

\nThe Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber puts you in command with its advanced 4-channel control system. Experience precise maneuverability as you navigate through challenging landscapes, conquer obstacles, and showcase your off-road driving skills. The responsive controls ensure a thrilling and immersive driving experience. \n

RC Radio Control Mastery:

\nTake control from a distance with the RC radio control feature. Enjoy the freedom to explore various terrains without being tethered to the car. The reliable radio control system allows for smooth and seamless navigation, making it ideal for outdoor adventures, rocky terrains, and rugged landscapes. \n

Dual Motors for Power-Packed Performance:

\nUnleash the power of two motors propelling the Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber. The dual-motor configuration ensures enhanced performance, allowing the car to tackle inclines, declines, and uneven surfaces with ease. Experience a combination of speed, agility, and power for an exhilarating ride. \n

Impressive 1:16 Scale Realism:

\nThe Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber is crafted with attention to detail, boasting an impressive 1:16 scale for a realistic and immersive experience. The scaled-down design captures the essence of off-road rock climbing, making it an exciting addition to your collection of RC vehicles. \n

4x4 Wheel Drive Capability:

\nConquer challenging landscapes with the 4x4 wheel drive capability. The Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber is engineered to provide traction on all four wheels, ensuring stability and control on various terrains. Whether it's gravel, grass, or rocky surfaces, this RC car is ready for the adventure. \n

Operates on the 27 MHz Frequency:

\nEnjoy interference-free play with the 27 MHz frequency. The Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber operates on a designated frequency to provide a stable connection, preventing signal interference from other devices. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted driving experience. \n

USB Rechargeable Battery Convenience:

\nSay goodbye to constant battery replacements. The Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber features a USB rechargeable battery for added convenience. Simply plug in and charge, ensuring that you're always ready for the next off-road excursion without the hassle of replacing batteries. \n

Perfect for Thrill-Seekers of All Ages:

\nWhether you're a seasoned RC enthusiast or a beginner looking for excitement, the Fox Face Off-Road Rock Climber caters to all skill levels. Its versatility, precision control, and power-packed performance make it the perfect companion for thrill-seekers of all ages.

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