Generic Dell Ac Adapter 65W Usb-C-Laptops-Other-Star Light Kuwait

Generic Dell Ac Adapter 65W Usb-C

Vendor: OEM China
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Product Type: Laptops
18.000 KD
18.000 KD

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You no longer need to carry the power adapter between home and office. Get a second adapter for your laptop, keep one in the office and work with the other at home or on the go.

This 65W Dell™ power adapter is designed to meet the needs of your Dell™ laptop. With a Male USB-C connector, it allows you to work with a computer and simultaneously charge the battery from the mains.


  • It offers 65 Watts to supply enough power and charge your laptop
  • 1m power cable is included in the package
  • Includes a rubber strap for easy cable management
  • It is supplied in a package with a 1m long power cable


  • Dell Latitude 5420
  • Dell Latitude 5520
  • Dell Latitude 5430
  • Dell Latitude 5330
  • Dell Latitude 5430
  • Dell Latitude 5530
  • Dell Latitude 5430
  • Dell Latitude 5285 2IN1
  • Dell Latitude 5289 2IN1
  • Dell Latitude 5290 2IN1

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