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Luna Baby Doll Play Set-Hx397-7

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4.500 KD
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Adorable Luna Baby Doll:

\nMeet Luna, the star of the play set! This adorable baby doll is ready for cuddles and playtime adventures. With a sweet expression and charming features, Luna becomes the perfect companion for young imaginations. \n

Complete Playtime Accessories:

\nThe Luna Baby Doll Play Set comes with a collection of accessories to enhance the play experience. From cute outfits and accessories to a cozy bed, this set provides everything needed for a nurturing and imaginative playtime. \n

Promotes Nurturing Skills:

\nEncourage nurturing skills and imaginative play as little ones care for Luna. Dress her up, put her to sleep in the cozy bed, and create stories that foster empathy and social development. The set promotes a sense of responsibility and compassion in young minds. \n

Endless Storytelling Adventures:

\nUnleash a world of storytelling adventures! The Luna Baby Doll Play Set opens the door to endless imaginative scenarios. Whether it's a tea party, a bedtime routine, or a day at the park, little ones can explore various narratives, enhancing their creativity and storytelling abilities. \n \nEmbark on enchanting playtime journeys with the Luna Baby Doll Play Set, where creativity knows no bounds, and the joy of nurturing play unfolds.

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