Magsafe Power Adapter - 60W-Laptops-Apple-Star Light Kuwait

Magsafe Power Adapter - 60W

Vendor: Apple
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Product Type: Laptops
18.000 KD
18.000 KD

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AC Adapter for Apple MacBooks
For those who fit their miniature dimensions
especially long journeys and holidays. Use it
you can also be a second power adapter when
You will have the original adapter at home and this one in the
work. He gets away with the necessity of being constant
transfer. The adapter is provided with an indication diode,
which will turn green after a full charge on the notebook. Other
a very good property of the adapter, respectively. connector
to connect the laptop is its magnetic
pricing. If the cable is inadvertently pulled out
simply disconnects, so there is no risk of damage
power supply connector
* Input voltage: 100 - 240 V, 50/60
Hz * Total power: 60 W * Designed for laptops: APPLE
MacBook, APPLE MacBook Pro 13.3 "

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