Urban Traffic Vehicle Set With Accessories-399-268D2-Common Toys-Other-Star Light Kuwait

Urban Traffic Vehicle Set With Accessories-399-268D2

Vendor: OEM China
SKU: 399-268D2
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Product Type: Common Toys
2.250 KD
2.250 KD

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Embark on a playtime adventure with the Urban Traffic Vehicle Set, complete with accessories and powered by a convenient pull-back motor. This engaging toy set introduces a bustling urban scene, encouraging interactive play and offering a delightful combination of vehicles and accessories. \n

Diverse Urban Traffic Scene:

\nExplore a diverse urban traffic scene with the Urban Traffic Vehicle Set. From cars and trucks to essential accessories, this set creates a miniature city environment, allowing children to imagine and recreate bustling traffic scenarios. \n

Convenient Pull-Back Motor:

\nExperience the convenience of a pull-back motor in each vehicle. Simply pull back the vehicles, release them, and watch them zoom forward. The pull-back motor adds an element of excitement to play, while also introducing children to basic principles of motion and energy. \n

Inclusive Set with Accessories:

\nDelight in an inclusive set that includes various accessories to enhance the play experience. From traffic signs to street lamps, the Urban Traffic Vehicle Set provides a comprehensive array of elements, allowing children to customize and create their own urban landscape. \n

Encourages Interactive Play:

\nPromote interactive play with a set designed for imaginative scenarios. The combination of diverse vehicles, a pull-back motor, and accessories encourages children to engage in collaborative and creative play, fostering social skills and imaginative thinking. \n \nEmbark on a journey through an urban traffic landscape with the Urban Traffic Vehicle Set — where the convenience of a pull-back motor meets a diverse array of vehicles and accessories for an enriching playtime experience.

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